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Tony’s island adventures is all about swimming, family holidays and fishing. The place were you want to be.
We have different opportunities in Northern part of Western Australia. Shark bay, Broome, Serrurier island, ashburton island, East and West Lewis island and Depuch island are some of the great opportunities in the WA region.
IMPORTANT: This site is not affiliated in any way to the previous owner of this website (pre 2014). This is just an informational website, we don’t organise these trips. It’s just educational and fun to see what is possible in this area.


Enjoy nature
With endless miles of beaches ahead of you, this is considered one of the best parts of this holiday experience. If you’d like to stroll along white sandy beaches experiencing being alone on a single island, then this is it. With beautiful palm trees, an endless blue sky an enjoyable climate and a lovely breeze you won’t be disappointed. View the Governments National Parks and Wildlife commission for more information.


Swimming pools and parks
We have some of the best pools and parks available Enjoy the slides, enjoy the inflatable pool items and cool down after a hard day of enjoying yourself. It’s also possible to swim in the ocean during our fishing adventures.


Thanks to The Happy Gardeners Perth for input for our input for proper care for our gardens, parks and lawns.


If you want to contact us, please send your enquiry here. If you want to see a schedule of our tour and the various opportunities, just have a look at our tour page.


Great fishing
Regardless if you like trout, salmon, Barramundi, Mackerel or if you are not that much into fishing, but you just want to give it a go, you are always on the right spot. We take care of the tackle and bait, you only need to bring your thongs, a smile and positive energy and we are good to go. We’ll use a luxurious yacht to bring you to the best spots and to make the travelling an unforgettable experience. You can book a trip through Nhulunbuy Gove Fishing for example. Need a Fishing boat. Hire one at


If, on your next holiday, you want to:
1) Swim in the sea or enjoy luxerious swimming pools and parks?
2) Enjoy nature, beaches, trees and wildlife? 
3) fish for trout, salmon or baramundi?
If the answer is any of them, or even better, all of them, then we are the right company for you.

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